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Nanban, seiro, bukka... wha?

There are generally three ways to enjoy soba: nanban, seiro, and bukkake. Nanban soba is where the noodles and hot broth are combined in a bowl, served with various toppings and garnishes. This is very much a classic "hot bowl of soup" kind of meal, and is great for the cold winter months.

Seiro, or "dipping style" has the noodles presented chilled on a bamboo mat, with either a warm or cold sauce on the side to dip into. The majority of soba dishes we serve come in this manner, since the quality of the noodle is maintained without risk of bloating overtime in a hot broth.

Lastly is the cold bukkake soba. This is chilled soba with a cold pour-over sauce, topped with tempura and other veggies. This is a very popular style in the summer, as the chilled noodles and refreshing sauce really help beat the heat. It should be noted that while "bukkake" is associated with certain sexual activities... the soba came first!