soba and tempura are commonly enjoyed together in japan. at kamonegi, tempura is a technique used to showcase the season's best produce by encasing it at the height of its flavor in a delicate, crunchy shell while it cooks in its own juices, to be enjoyed with our house paired seasonings.

our soba, traditional japanese buckwheat noodles, are made by hand in the nihachi style of 80 percent buckwheat flour and 20 percent all-purpose flour. our restaurant is one of the few in the nation to showcase handmade soba noodles. unless otherwise specified, our soba can be ordered as seiro (cold noodles with warm dipping sauce) or nanban (hot noodles in hot broth, like soup noodles). we also feature bukkake soba dishes with all toppings, noodles, and sauce together in one bowl.