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What is the difference between dried soba and Kamonegi's soba?

Dried soba is a convenient and non-perishable option that can be purchased at local Asian markets. Dried soba, made by machine, contains a trace amount of buckwheat compared to freshly made soba, comprised of 80 percent soba flour. Kamonegi's handmade soba is made with more of the good stuff, but its low-gluten, high buckwheat formula makes it highly perishable (so no, we cannot mail it!). Kamonegi's uncooked soba keeps for up to 48-hours under refrigeration, after which the noodles become brittle and fall apart in the cooking water. When prepared fresh, Kamonegi's soba differs in the aroma and texture; it's nutty fragrance and silky, tender noodles that far differ from its dried counterpart. We think you should try it!