Mutsuko Soma

Chef Mutsuko Soma was born and raised in Tochigi, Japan. She came to the Pacific Northwest to study the culinary arts at the Art Institute of Seattle. After spending years refining her skills at restaurants like the Harvest Vine, Chez Shea, and Saito’s, Chef Soma moved back to Japan to learn the art of making traditional soba noodles in the hopes of finding something unique to bring back to the Northwest. While studying soba making, Chef Soma discovered that much of the buckwheat used in Japan were sourced directly from Washington, one of the largest buckwheat producing states in the United States. This fact reaffirmed her decision to introduce soba to the Pacific Northwest, an area that has greatly influenced her throughout her cooking career. Along with being a chef and artisan soba maker, Soma is also a certified sake sommelier certification from the Japan Sommelier Association, WSET (level 3).



Behind every chef is a dedicated crew. We are a fun bunch of Japanese food enthusiasts working to promote soba and tempura to the masses through our menu at Kamonegi. Every so often, we goof around and make udon (pictured here). Another explanation for another day...

Two birds with one stone: 
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