Pop Up at Kamonegi!

Kamonegi began as a pop up, supported by so many enthusiastic diners and fellow chefs and servers who hoped to see our handmade soba go brick and mortar. Today we support other pop ups and their efforts by providing our space on Sundays and Mondays to chefs bringing new experiences and flavors to Seattle. 



Upcoming Pop Up: September 9

Taiwanese cuisine is creatively interpreted by chef Tiffany Ran through the tasting menus at BB6, which also offers take out options featuring classic dishes commonly found in Taiwan. 



Asin Filipino pop up

Chef Jasper Balinas debuts Filipino pulutan cuisine with a 5-course tasting menu guided by beer pairings from Three Magnets Brewing Co. 


oko seattle

Chef Josh Nebe brings his favorite dish, Japanese okonomiyaki and its various iterations, to Seattle. Nebe's okonomiyaki is sometimes served straight off the griddle at a local bar or as part of a larger tasting menu, but one this for sure is that it should always be enjoyed with a cold beer!

For information on hosting pop ups at our space or upcoming pop ups, email us at info@kamonegiseattle.com.